The Nordic SR Network


A sub-project within the Nordic Initiative for Social Responsibility is the establishment of a Network for professionals and experts in the field of CSR/SR and ISO 26000. It will be established during 2013-2014 as a trial for evaluation. Sweden is responsible for developing the framework for the network.


Access to the Network

During the initial phase access to the SR Network will be provided to members of the national mirror committees in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Access will also be available for pilot organizations with in the Nordic Initiative for Social Responsibility.


Network services

  1. News. A common news format for emails is defined. The project manager in each country may communicate news and activities related to ISO 26000 in this format to the other countries, and it will be forwarded to the national groups. Some news may be compiled and published on a public web site.

  2. Contact information. Contact information of project managers and convenors for the national mirror committees will be provided to facilitate direct contact between the countries.

  3. Propose common activities. Members of the network may propose common activities to other members in the network.

  4. Sharing best practice. Members of the network may provide examples of best practice to share with in the network. Proposals will be screened by the project manager in each country before forwarded to the Network. Some news may be published on a public web site when appropriate.


Media and communication

Email will be the initial main media for communication with in the network for news updates.


Network news format

Subject: Nordic SR Network – News

Content format as below:
Point of contact for this news:
Link for more information related to the news (text on linked page may be in other language than English) : <link>
All news will have general information regarding the initiative and the network.